City of Huron Mayor Rey Leon Receives Green California Summit Leadership Award

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Mayor of ‘Poorest City in Golden State’ Recognized For Innovation in Clean Energy –

Fresno County, Calif. – April 26, 2017 –Rey Leon, mayor of the City of Huron in the San Joaquin Valley, has received a Green California Summit Leadership Award for his work helping open the first liquid biofuels production facility in the world that is entirely energy self-sufficient.

The project is directed by renewable energy company Biodico’s Zero Net Energy Farms, or “ZNEF,” which is funded in part by the California Energy Commission to develop an energy solution for farmers and farmworkers that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The award recognizes outstanding environmental achievements by California government, and Leon serves on the technical advisory committee for ZNEF.

“My hometown of Huron is considered the poorest city in the Golden State of California, and my dream is to help integrate clean energy and innovative sustainable systems to improve the quality of life for my community,” Mayor Leon said. “Working with ZNEF helps us bridge the gap with places like Silicon Valley and empower our residents to participate in training programs and attain employment in the green economy.”

“I am honored to represent leaders like Mayor Rey Leon.  Rey is a great advocate for his community and has always been a leader that thinks outside of the box and looks for every opportunity to improve his community,” said Assemblymember Dr. Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno) whose district includes the City of Huron.  “Receiving the Green California Summit Leadership Award is testament to his innovative leadership and the residents of Huron will benefit for years to come.”

In a bi-partisan showing of support, Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Fresno), who also represents the City of Huron in the California Senate, issued a Senate Certificate of Recognition, which says in part, “On behalf of the California State Senate, I would like to honor you for being a recipient of the Green California Summit Leadership award by the Green California Summit. It is an exceptional honor and one for which you deserve to be

most proud. You are to be commended for your outstanding personal and professional achievements. Thank you for striving to make the City of Huron the greenest farm worker city in the country.”

“Mayor Leon’s knowledge and expertise have been a tremendous asset in helping develop the ZNEF project, signifying the goals we have in common with the City of Huron, including job creation and generating fully sustainable clean energy for the region,” said Russ Teall, president and founder of Biodico.  “We look forward to continuing our work with Mayor Leon and congratulate him on this well-deserved honor.”

Leon is also president and founder of Valley LEAP, and a member of the Air Resources Board Environmental Justice Advisory Committee (EJAC) in California, a state that now requires 35% of all funding for its “cap-and-trade” carbon emissions program to be spent in and around disadvantaged communities.

Russ Teall of Biodico Zero Net Energy Farms, and Mayor Rey Leon receiving the Green California Leadership award.

Russ Teall of Biodico Zero Net Energy Farms, and Mayor Rey Leon receiving the Green California Leadership award.


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