Artist Anne Whitehurst to Premiere Sustainable Agriculture Series

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Whitehurst to Unveil Painting of Biodico’s Zero Net Energy Farm –

At Zero Net Energy Farms, we are honored and thrilled that our work towards sustainable agriculture is serving as a subject for the beautiful artwork of Anne Whitehurst.

Fresno, Calif. – March 22, 2017 –Artist Anne Whitehurst will premiere her sustainable agriculture series at an event hosted by Beneficial State Bank in Fresno on Wednesday, March 29, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The first of Whitehurst’s new series of 25 paintings depicts renewable energy company Biodico’s “Zero Net Energy Farm,” or ZNEF, located at Red Rock Ranch in the San Joaquin Valley.  The ZNEF project is funded in part by the California Energy Commission to create an environmentally sound energy solution that helps reduce greenhouse gases for the state’s agriculture industry.

“Agriculture has evolved into a sustainable industry, frugal with resources and protective of the environment. It supports families, our economy, and, most essentially, feeds us.” Whitehurst said. “A gap has grown between farmers and those who don’t farm, but who want to nurture our planet. I want to bridge that gap, illustrating that farmers are progressive, conscientious stewards.”

“I am grateful to Russ Teall and John Diener (owner of Red Rock Ranch) for the opportunity to share the beauty of agricultural landscape at the apex of sustainability,” Whitehurst said. “A Zero Net Energy Farm could change the world, and I am honored to paint it.”

“We would like to thank Beneficial State Bank for showcasing a series that illustrates the importance of sustainability in commerce and community in the Central Valley,” said Russ Teall, president and founder of Biodico. “We are honored and thrilled that our Zero Net Energy Farm is serving as a subject for Anne’s series, and we look forward to seeing her work resonate with audiences far and wide.”


About Biodico: Biodico is a privately held company headquartered in Ventura, Calif. that (1) builds, owns and operates sustainable biofuel and bioenergy facilities, (2) conducts research and development with the U.S. Navy, and (3) collaborates with strategic joint venture partners to commercialize new technology and initiatives.  The company and its management have been pioneers in the industry for the past 25 years, with an emphasis on using advanced, patented and proprietary technologies for the sustainable multi-feedstock modular production of next generation biofuels and bioenergy.  Additional information about Biodico can be found on the company’s website at

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